Payment options

Payment options

With us you pay as you wish!

You can choose from several payment options to safely make your payment :

Bank transfer

This can be transferred to our bank account: BNP PARIBA FORTIS BE06 0017 6419 9422, indicating your order number. Our BIC number is > GEBABEBB.  


Bancontact processes about 150,000 online payment transactions per day, making it the most widely used payment method in Belgium.

Payment starts by entering the card number on the front of the bank card and the expiration date of the card . Then, the payment must be confirmed by the security system of the bank of the customer. For example, via a card reader with PIN .

Credit card

You don't need the chip and PIN when you buy on the internet. It's the long number printed on the map. This number can contain 13 to 16 numbers.

In addition, when ordering on the Internet, you have to fill in the expiry date of the credit card. This too is printed on the map. You see a month and a year, for example 12/24. This means that the card is valid until December 2024.

Then there is the validation code, also called CVV. For Visa and Mastercard, this code consists of three numbers. These are listed on the back of the card, next to your signature. This is also requested when making an online purchase.


iDEAL is the most widely used payment method in the Netherlands. At least 60% of Dutch shoppers use it to pay for their online purchases.

IDEAL payment is in fact a bank transfer, as normally made via internet banking . The big difference is that you only need to confirm with your card reader and PIN .